6 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Home Reno Project

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Image of plans for home reno.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or just starting out, there are some things you will need to keep in mind before starting a home renovation project. From determining your budget and setting up a timeline to selecting the right paint colours for your walls, here are 6 tips that will help make your next home reno project go smoothly: 1. … Read More

Live Better With a Bathroom Renovation

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Image of individual planning bathroom renovation

Renovations are extremely popular, and for good reason. Renovating your home can give you a fresh look, add value to your home and make it more comfortable! But where do you start? If you’re looking for some help with your renovations or would like to learn how to DIY them yourself, keep reading.  Replace your vanity with a floating vanity … Read More

How to Maximize Space in Your Vancouver Studio Apartment

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Image of open concept studio apartment

If you, like many of us, dwell in a studio apartment in Vancouver, you’re likely aware of the challenges that come with such little space. Adequate organization is hard to conjure, privacy is near impossible, and choosing an interior design without overwhelming the space can seem endlessly difficult. While you can always invest in some home renovation in Vancouver, you can … Read More