How to Maximize Space in Your Vancouver Studio Apartment

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Image of open concept studio apartment

If you, like many of us, dwell in a studio apartment in Vancouver, you’re likely aware of the challenges that come with such little space. Adequate organization is hard to conjure, privacy is near impossible, and choosing an interior design without overwhelming the space can seem endlessly difficult. While you can always invest in some home renovation in Vancouver, you can maximize space in other ways too.

Luckily, with a little imagination and creative gumption, these problems can be solved. Read on for six tips and tricks from our renovation contractors for decluttering and creating space in your studio home.

1. Clutter? Make it decorative.

You got rid of everything that didn’t spark joy and are still left with a collection of knick-knacks, books, memorabilia, and other various paraphernalia. Great. What’s next? Clutter doesn’t have to be clutter. Clutter can be made artful and add a personal touch to an otherwise empty space if done intentionally.

But where does one start? Arrange your books or favourite things by colour. Or arrange collections by size or by shape. Buy decorative storage baskets for your bits and bobs but consistency is key, again whether its color, size or type. Repetition of elements creates calm, even in “clutter”.  Frame a letter or child’s art piece and place them in a collection with similar color or shape and size of frame. Use a special seashell to hold your necklaces and another your rings. Clutter becomes decoration when placed intentionally.

Image of vinyl collection displayed on walls

2. Open the blinds!

It’s an adage as old as time: if you want the illusion of space, you need to maximize light. Opt for white and airy tones for your walls, furniture, and sheets. White and light colors bounce light around the room making it feel more open and spacious. If suitable, invest in a full-length mirror to open up the room. You can place it on the floor for drama or hang it parallel to the floor, other way it will increase light and the illusion of added space. Buy semi-sheer blinds or curtains to allow light in during the day while also maintaining privacy while adding texture. Or, if desired, ditch the blinds all together! Avoid black and heavy, dark tones that bring the room inwards. Dark coloured rooms are very trendy right now but you compromise the feeling of space for style. Instead choose a bright rug or art for a pop of colour. So that all this light/white space doesn’t feel cold, use warm light bulbs and avoid cool, blue light.

If you’re still searching for a studio apartment, keep your eye out for spaces with light wood floors and large windows with natural light, ideally facing South. North facing windows receive very little light, so be sure to ask which direction the windows face.

3. Organize, organize, organize!

When it comes to organization in a small studio, it’s important to take advantage of all space, both above and below. Furniture that is multifunctional allows for less floor space to be taken by single purpose pieces but your storage so you can transition between uses still needs to be on point. Opt for organizational units that stack, ideally in your closet or on shelving units that attach to the walls. If the units are a similar color to the walls, they will be less visually intrusive than contrasting towers of storage. If possible, stack your washer and dryer. Buy vacuum sealers for storing spare duvets, jackets, and other puffy items that take up an unnecessary amount of space and store items under your bed. In the kitchen, hang pans from the ceiling or invest in a pot rack that attaches to the wall. This mini home renovation in Vancouver can save you a ton of valuable kitchen space.

4. Divide your room for privacy.

Be it a portable screen, a structured curtain, or a large bookshelf, it’s important to make space for privacy in a studio apartment, especially when you have guests over. While a home renovation in Vancouver can include added walls, you can also opt for a divider that doesn’t break up the flow of light too much. Just be sure to place it between windows if there are multiple. If the studio is very small and dividing the room might shrink the space uncomfortably, opt for a loft bed, semi sheer curtains that can be pulled back or a large plant to create privacy.

Image of white, airy bedroom decor

5. Opt for an open concept.

Your furniture will set the tone of the studio. If you want your studio feeling open and spacious, purchase open concept furniture. Think: exposed legs on sofas, closets without doors, bookshelves with no backs, glass, or clear furniture etc. The more “open and airy” the items, the less congested the apartment will feel.

6. Get creative with your bed.

Your bed will be the largest furniture piece in your small studio, so it’s important to be mindful with your purchase. Looking to expand your living area? Opt for a loft bed and expand your living room beneath. Not interested in sleeping so close to the ceiling? Install a murphy bed and tuck your bed away when guests are over. Need more space to store your knick-knacks? Buy a bed with storage drawers underneath. Looking to host friends? Get a sofa with a trundle bed. The possibilities are endless.

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