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Craftsmen Contracting specialists are passionate about designing, renovating, and rebuilding homes throughout the Lower Mainland. Built on a strong foundation of trust, talent and professionalism, the core team works with a select group of professional tradespeople to ensure your project is completed on time, and with the best quality workmanship.

Core Values

Successful house renovation is an equal partnership between the homeowner and the general contractor - our goal is to work with you to create your best possible space. Craftsmen Contracting operates under seven core values to ensure quality home renovations and a positive experience for both our clients and our team.

Whether we are on site, selecting sub-trades, hiring new staff, or overcoming challenges on the job, these core values guide us in every decision we make and action we take. We believe respectful, clear communication with each other and our clients is the key to a better finished product.

  • Communication

    All communications are clear, concise and mutually understood.

  • Respect

    We are kind to people and considerate of their beliefs, possessions, and environment.

  • Consistency

    By following our core values, we provide repeatable quality and service in all aspects of our work.

  • Productivity

    We commit to doing the right, or not at all. We will thoroughly review potential projects, maximize services and use of materials, and follow our core values system to substantially reduce errors.

  • Attitude

    We commit to approaching every day and every opportunity with a positive energy, regardless of surroundings and past challenges.

  • Leadership

    We cultivate, nurture and support collective solutions while supporting our core values.

  • Accountability

    We take personal responsibility for our team’s actions, stand behind our work, and only make agreements we are willing and able to keep.

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