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I've been a mortgage broker for 14+ years and I'm currently licensed with DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts - Dominion Lending's #1 Franchise for 2012-2018. The goal for all of us at the Douglas Mortgage Team is to help make your dreams of renovating your home a reality! Having experienced having my own renovations done and the construction of a home of my own I know the stress that this can cause but my promise to you is that I will guide you through every step of the financing process making it as simple and straight forward as possible.

Products Available

In the same way that every home is different so too is the product that homeowners may need to complete their renovations. Self-employed or, townhouse or condo...$10,000 or $200,000 problem - we've got something for everyone!

Myself and the rest of my team will look at the best possible way of accessing your equity whether it be through a Home Equity Line of Credit or maybe the restructuring of your existing mortgage. With all the recent changes in rules for financing there are still many opportunities for home owner's to take advantage of the equity in their home but don't try and figure it out on your own...let us do that work for you! Looking to buy a home but need to put some work in to it to make it your own? We can look at the Purchase Plus Improvement program which adds renovation funds to your existing purchase price and requested mortgage amount.

Many people wait to do renovations for when they're thinking about selling their place which is great but why not put that time, effort and money into allowing you to enjoy your home while you're currently living in it!

Contact us for a no obligation mortgage check-up - we'll find you the best way to make those renovation dreams come true!

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