Which Home Renovations Will Increase Your Property Value?

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Are you wondering about which home renovations will be the best investment in raising your property’s value in Vancouver? Whether you’re looking to sell your home in the near future (or even a couple of years down the road), you’ll want to make sure that you’re putting your hard-earned money to good use. With the large amount of activity in the BC housing market, now could be the time to upgrade your home and invest in your future. Here are 7 of the best, most impactful renovations you can make to your home that will ultimately put more money in your pocket – and who doesn’t love that?

1. New Windows and Doors

Did you know that upgrading your windows and doors can be one of the most beneficial upgrades for an aging home? Older windows and doors can be inefficient at retaining warmth during the colder months and are often neglected by homeowners. By putting in all new windows and doors, you are increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home, as well as providing a brand-new curb appeal for Vancouver buyers. Newer windows and doors also require far less maintenance than the ones of the past, which means lower costs in repairs and upkeep. Making it a home renovation in Vancouver that adds value now and later.

2. Add an Addition

A sunroom, a personal gym, or even a guest suite – these are the types of additions to your property that are certain to increase the value of your home. Adding square footage to your home is going to make the property more interesting to larger families and people looking for more usable living space. In this case, bigger is definitely better.

3. Finish the Basement

Vancouver basement suite renovations are arguably the most versatile, and financially beneficial upgrades that a homeowner can make to increase the value of their home. Whether it’s a recreation room, an additional bedroom, or a dream man-cave, turning that unused space into an exciting, new part of your home will attract buyers from all around. As well, just like an addition, upping the overall square footage of your home is always going to be a huge plus.

4. Landscaping

This may go without saying, but a nicely manicured and well-designed landscaped exterior can take any home to the next level. Whether it be multi-tiered flower beds or stunning interlocked pathways, paying careful attention to the outside of your home can often indicate to the buyer that the same attention has been paid inside. As they say, ‘first impressions are everything!’ And this couldn’t be more true in the case of landscaping.

5. Solar Panels

In our modern world where electricity and technology are a major part of our daily lives, what better way to invest in the value of your home than to install a sustainable alternative power source that will save you and your future buyers money on electricity? That’s where solar panels come in. Although the initial expense of installing solar panels can have some homeowners on the fence, the ultimate savings (both financially and environmentally) will surely be enough to convince even the most financially conscious homeowner.

6. In-ground Pool

A definite classic, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Installing an in-ground pool (if you’ve got the space) is one of the best investments to make in order to increase your property value. Not only are they fun and practical, but with careful attention to the overall design (ahem, landscaping, ahem) they can be a beautiful, eye-catching addition to any backyard. Not to mention –  who doesn’t love a good pool party? Looking for a home renovation in Vancouver everyone can enjoy? Let’s start digging.

7. Replace the roof

Although it might seem obvious, a properly shingled roof is an absolute must-have (especially in a place that gets rain nearly 200 days each year). The last thing any Vancouver homeowner wants is to find out that they’ve got water damage because of old, decaying roof shingles. If your home is a bit older, having your roof replaced can offer exceptional value to buyers as it is not something they will likely need to do themselves in the near future. As well, this will also help with the overall energy efficiency of your home. It can also offer better curb appeal than an older roof which has seen better days.


Now that you’ve got some ideas, call up your local home renovation contractor at Craftsmen Contracting to discuss your next amazing home renovation. Trust me – you’ll be glad you did!