How Often Should You Renovate Your Kitchen?

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It can be tempting to renovate your kitchen at every sign of a new trend — but is it really in the best interest of your home’s value if you choose to do so? After all, a kitchen renovation can be a huge investment. While there is no magic formula that can tell you how often to renovate your kitchen, there are certain things that may indicate that your cooking space is in need of an update. In this article, we will examine a number of factors that may affect the frequency with which you choose to give your kitchen a refresh.

Six Factors When You Need To Renovate Your Kitchen

1. Layout Improvement

Let’s face it – you’re in your kitchen a lot, even if you’re not big into cooking. In fact, it is estimated that the kitchen is the most-trafficked room in the majority of people’s homes. Given that we have the tendency to enter our kitchens multiple times a day, it’s understandable that an inefficient layout could bother you and tempt you to reimagine your entire kitchen.


You’re not alone. A poor layout is a major motivating factor behind kitchen renovations. Hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets, a poorly planned layout, a lack of counter space and insufficient storage areas are all valid reasons to consider a renovation. It may also be that a kitchen’s layout worked once upon a time, but you find that your life circumstances and needs have changed and the kitchen that once flowed well is no longer serving you. This may mean that it is time to change it.


3. Repairs and Fixes

This one is a bit more obvious as a motivating factor but still worth diving into. Countertops, walls, floors, and cabinets — while these all can be made of very high-quality materials, our kitchens see a lot of wear and it’s only natural that their condition will gradually deteriorate. Although small modifications and standard maintenance can help prolong their life, it’s inevitable that one day you may have no choice but to renovate.


This doesn’t mean that it has to be a multi-thousand dollar affair, though. Something as simple as installing new cabinets or having your existing cabinets refinished can go a long way with fixing any imperfections in your kitchen. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to keep up on the small but important repairs, like fixing a drawer that won’t slide or repairing small holes in the countertop.


4. Stylistic Choices

It was only a matter of time until we got to the reason why many of you are here in the first place — you want to change the look of your kitchen! There is nothing wrong with a renovation that is motivated by a desire to change a cosmetic look.


While retro kitchens are seeing somewhat of a comeback if you find your kitchen is stuck between “retro” and “modern” it may be time to consider a way to improve its aesthetics. This may mean changing the colour of your cabinets, changing your appliances, adding a new island, or even adding an eat-in kitchen. The possibilities are truly endless — use this kitchen renovation as a chance to show off your unique style and create a kitchen that is uniquely you.


5. Air Quality Concerns

It’s not often talked about, but did you know that the materials that your kitchen is made of may affect its air quality? If you have old kitchen cabinets or countertops, you may want to schedule an evaluation with a professional to ensure that your kitchen is free from synthetic pressed wood products that can contain harmful chemicals. It may be worthwhile to switch these out for something that is softer on the body as well as the environment, such as quartz.


6. Sell Property

Last but not least — renovating your kitchen may be a smart move if you are planning to sell your home sometime in the near future. We all know that home seeker looks at the kitchen of every home that they are wanting to buy, and if you present them with an attractive, updated kitchen then chances are that they will be more likely to pay the top dollar for your home.


So, there you have it. There are a number of valid reasons to consider a kitchen renovation, but let’s face it — if you’re here, you were already planning a renovation anyway! Please contact Craftsmen for a feel quote for your kitchen renovation in Vancouver.