8 Autumn-Friendly Home Renovations in Vancouver

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Image of kitchen in the fall

As the summer calms down, autumn is the perfect time to get cozy in your home and do some reconstruction on your social life and your home life.

Autumn is the go-to season to hunker down and bring some warmth to your living space, a house is not a home without your personal touch! This could mean improving your house’s efficiency, finally having time to do some seasonal maintenance, or being creative and getting that classic Vancouver basement suite renovation done.

With its long days and sunshine, summer is the season of innovation, whereas autumn is the season of renovation! While it can be hard to find a good home renovation contractor, here are our home renovations that you can do yourself.

1. Elevating Your Paint Job

Let’s start with one of the most fun home renovations. As the summer colours start to fade away, brighten up your living area with a new paint job. As the weather starts to get cooler, autumn is a great time to repaint the exterior or interior of your house before the rain comes. Oftentimes, our moods can be lifted just from colour exposure, so if you have the Vancouver grey weather blues, get those painting overalls on!

2. Attic Renovation

Attics are often lost spaces full of clutter or scenes from a horror movie, but why not try to maximize your space? We have all seen the listings for an overpriced Vancouver apartment that is a glorified attic, so try using your extra space to expand the value of your home. Attics are great places to store summer items, but they also have the potential to be a great hideout to have some quiet time as the weather turns cold.

3. Roof and Gutter Maintenance

Cleaning gutters is never a fun job, and because they are often high up, they can feel unattainable and annoying to do. While it isn’t the most exciting job, it is one of the most necessary maintenance tasks to do. The good news is that it is also one of the fastest! Cleaning out the debris from your gutters will save you lots of trouble when the rain starts to hit. While you are up there, it is also the perfect time to do small roof repairs, like shingle replacement, so there isn’t any leaking or roof damage in the cold months.

4. Heated Floors

While some of us prefer to wear thick cozy socks all winter, heated floors are another way to keep your house warm all winter without the extra work of cleaning a carpet. If your house is always cold and heated floors feel like too big a task, make sure that your house is properly insulated, as cold air travels upwards, and there is nothing worse than cold feet!

5. Basement Renovation

Much like attics, basements are often neglected. Whether for personal use or you’re looking for a basement suite renovation for renting purposes, autumn is a great time to start after the summer chaos. Think about adding a gym space, a library, a game room, or an office. If you’re lucky enough to have a basement suite in Vancouver, it is a great space to have fun decorating.

6. Doorways to a Better Home

Add some imagination to your renovation by fixing up those doors and windows that need maintenance. Doors and windows are a great way to add a small creative touch to your home, whether it be the style of door or the colour of hinges. Just make sure they are airtight to keep your home warm all winter.

7. Bathroom Ambience

Bathrooms are the closest we get to having our own spa at home, so make sure to create a relaxing environment for yourself. They are also the most seen room for guests as the holidays approach. Whether you are replacing your tub or picking out bath tiles, this room gives you creative freedom.

8. Kitchen Re-decoration

Cold weather and end of year holidays—the kitchen becomes a space of gathering and intimacy. A great place to share soup recipes and chat over a dinner party, this renovation can be small or big. Something as simple as redoing the counter tops or changing the wooden cabinets can add that extra spice to your beautiful home.