6 Kitchen Layouts to Consider for Your Next Kitchen Renovations

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The time has finally come to upgrade your kitchen into something more stylish and practical. Does the question now become which design of kitchen layout will work best for your needs? You may be surprised to learn that there are lots of different options to choose from, and each one has particular benefits. Making this decision takes a lot of consideration, and you have to be honest about what you really want out of your own kitchen. To help you narrow your selection, and find the best kitchen layout for your needs, take a look at these six kitchen design schemes.

6 Different Kitchen Design Layouts

1. Galley Kitchens

Ideally suited for smaller spaces, the galley kitchen design layout is inspired by a kitchen that is typically found on a ship where space is somewhat limited below decks. This kitchen is also known as a ‘walkthrough kitchen’ because it is set up on two opposite walls that you walk between. For the most part, you will find the kitchen sink and plenty of counter space on one side of the kitchen, while appliances are found on the opposite wall. In addition, you will find most cupboard space on the wall above and below the counter and sink. These kitchens are great for those who want to make the most of virtually every square inch of the space they have to work within a smaller home or apartment.


2. One Wall Kitchen

Think of this as the best kitchen layout for saving the maximum amount of space. You will typically find these one wall kitchens in a smaller home, but if you have space you can add an island to this layout. All appliances and cabinets are fixed on a single wall in this layout.


3. L-Shape Kitchen

When you have a bit more space to play with at home, you can make the most of it by installing an L-shaped kitchen layout. By combining your countertops with a perpendicular wall layout, you can literally expand your kitchen space around the corner. This can eliminate a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen, making it ideal for busy households with a family. You can divide your kitchen into a sitting or working area, without sacrificing any of your cooking or meal prep space. In addition, this expanded design gives you more options for both overheads and under the counter storage and cupboards.


4. Island Kitchen

One of the more popular kitchen design layouts for medium to larger homes is the island layout. In terms of versatility and economizing your kitchen space, an island offers plenty of creative and attractive possibilities. Whether you choose to have a countertop island, or you want to incorporate more storage and appliances into your island, the right kitchen contractor can definitely make your dreams come true. For extra seating and space to entertain, your island can even double as a bar complete with matching bar stools!


5. Peninsula Kitchen

The not too distant cousin of the island kitchen layout also has lots to offer in terms of storage, counter space and possible appliances. Unlike the island however, a peninsula kitchen will reduce mobility through the kitchen somewhat. However, this option works really well in open concept homes and areas where seating space is somewhat limited. If you don’t have the space for a stand-alone island layout, a peninsula is a fantastic alternative that takes up a fraction of the space.


6. Horseshoe Kitchen

Finally, the horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen layout. Think of this type of kitchen as a somewhat open concept combination of two L-shaped kitchens. This is an ideal kitchen layout design for those who love to cook, and who may want enough space to have more than one cook in the kitchen.

For advice on which type of kitchen layout will work best in your home, feel free to contact Vancouver’s kitchen renovation experts at Craftsmen Contracting today!